Welcome to my Blog. –“It’s About Expanding the Balloon” .

As you read about me, and my postings, please be kind, as I am a newcomer to Blogging and to Social Media and am getting experience.  I value your thoughts/opinions and welcome any and all feedback.

I will blog on areas that are near and dear to me – including:  Muskoka, Health and Fitness, Family, Social Media, Education/Schools and others.

Over the past 15 years, I have been a stay-home-mother of 4 lovely children.  While I have been home, I have been an active volunteer in my community and a fitness enthusiast.  For the past  14 Summers I have been fortunate to live full time in Muskoka (voted the #1 Best Trip by National Geographic ).  As a mother of 4, I am constantly looking for value – so, many of my posting will have a value theme to them.

In Fitness, my motto is to go for the participation award – and have completed 14 Marathons, 3 Half-Iron Triathlons and many shorter distances events.  I never care how fast I go, just that I participate and cross the finish line – for me, it’s more about the benefits of the training than the results of the event.    I started running Marathons when my 2nd child was born.  I really didn’t have time for any other actitivy.  Now that I am getting older, my body is telling me that multi-sport is a better way to train, and I have added swimming and cycling to my interests.  Despite my strength in carido – I also love to eat (not always the right things), and am always trying to drop 10 – 15 pounds – seems to be something that will always plague me.

A confession, since I took up triathlons, I developed  an addiction to the Tour Du France…and for 21 days in July ignore my friends and family while spending many hours watching fast cyclists across the beautify countryside of France.

Last September I went back to school full time, and put a hold on much of my volunteer work.  The idea was to upgrade my skills with the intent of returning to the workforce in some way.  My children (and me) are getting older, and it’s time to re-invent myself.  My background is in Marketing and Strategic Planning…and with the Internet and Social Media/Digital Marketing many of my skills needed upgrading.  I took Website Design and Build Programs and E Business and Web Marketing programs at the University of Toronto and Seneca College, and have relevant technological skills. And am ready for a new chapter in my life.

All this brings us to the theme of my Blog “It’s About Expanding the Balloon”.   So many of us hear the term “Balance“.  We are looking for a Balance with our work, family life, personal interests etc.  While I was a full time student, mom, community volunteer and individual – I came to the realization that Balance is a Fallacy.  Balance implies a state of inertia – to be balanced – you are still, you are not moving.  Well….I don’t know about you…but that doesn’t describe me or my lifestyle.   A more appropriate analogy, I think,  is a balloon.  You put air in it, and it expands.  Sometimes you have to rest before you have the energy to put more air in.  Sometime you put too much air in, and it pops – so you have to repair the balloon.  Maybe you can stop just before it pops.  Then, get more air, or strengthen the wall, or  stretch it a bit more.  That’s how my life works….I am not searching for Balance….I am expanding my balloon (sometimes it pops and I need to repair it, or I need to take a breath and wait a bit.  I don’t want to be letting air out…ultimately it’s all about how to Expand the Balloon!!


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