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Several weeks ago, Karen underwent a double mastectomy and 3 lymph glands were taken out to be examined.  They are all clear – NO CANCER, NO Chemotherapy!!!

For those of you who don’t know Karen’s History (Health and otherwise) – let me fill you in.  The old cliché’s about “Life being a roller Coaster”, and “If it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger” couldn’t describe anyone better than Karen.

Over 30 years ago, when Karen was in her early 20’s and her son James was born, she was diagnosed with Hogkins disease.  She underwent Chemo and radiation in 1978 and beat it!!!  I met Karen in 1983, when she was a single mom (her husband wasn’t so nice to her, so she left him (a separate story) and wanted to get an education to improve her son’s chances for success in life.  She struck me as a strong women, who appreciated life, and embraced everything around her.  I was amazed that she could be a full-time student and single mom – let alone a cancer survivor!!

Then, In 1985, Breast Cancer struck Karen , and she underwent Chemotherapy and Radiation again.  She pulled through!!  She tells me that the chemo and radiation in the 70’s and 80’s was fierce and overkill and the radiation will stay in her body for 30 years.

She stuck school out and  eventually graduated with her B.Comm after 8 years – she was the most deserving Grad ever.  Shortly after graduation, her life took a wonderful turn – she met and soon married the wonderful Colonel Chris Bodner – from the Canadian Armed Forces.  Chris’s Military career was progressing, and they spent 10 years in Europe as Diplomats.  The returned to Canada about 7 years ago, and decided to settle in the hometown of Winnipeg.

In December 2010, Karen collapsed –  later it was discovered she suffered a stroke.  At the time she was diagnosed with arrhythmia, second degree heart block, which they feel was caused by one of heart medication (beta blockers) to slow her heart down.  Since then, she has been wearing a Pace-Maker – and had a full recovery, and went back to golf, Pilates and dance classes!!

That pretty much brings us up to date – in the Summer of 2011 she started having many stomach pains and couldn’t keep anything down.  Eventually she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, again, and underwent the above mentioned surgery.

She now has an all clear sign for Breast Cancer.  She is still recovering from her surgery, and does still have stomach problems.  The doctors think she may have a cyst on her intestines, and in the year, once she has recovered, will go back in for surgery to remove the cyst.  But, they are pretty confident that it is only a cyst.

Karen is thrilled – what a Christmas present!!  She says she is  now low on the Oncology priority list – will have to take hormones for estrogen – and that is it.

How Great!!

Thanks to all for your support – and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!