Hey everyone – I just got back from Winnipeg spending time with Karen on her first week home from the hospital after her surgery.  She is getting stronger by the day. She is able to sit and walk, but does get tired.  I was glad to have been there for the first few days – Karen is in good hands with Chris, but, they will need help – especially when Chris goes back to work.  We found this great website -Care Calendar – you can log on to check for updates on Karen is doing, or offer to help:

http://www.carecalendar.org/logon/95571  Then enter the following information in the appropriate spaces:

  • CALENDAR ID      :   95571
  • SECURITY CODE :   1421

In 3 weeks, she will get biopsy results – lets pray the cancer is gone, and she will not need any more chemo!!

On a fun and festive note – while I was in Winnipeg, a 16 year old Winnipeg teen ager was filmed by his sister playing The Christmas Classic  – Little Drummer Boy – in Winnipeg Style – he played outside with mittens and shorts and threw snow on his drum kit.  Filming was done in his back yard, and I think at the Forks.  It is very good, and quite fun.  While I was there, it was going viral – it had 8000 hits on You tube.  Two days later, I  flew back to Toronto, went straight from the airport to my son’s Christmas Concert (grade 5 at Upper Canada College), when I picked him up in his room afterwards, the teacher was playing the Winnipeg Little Drummer Boy video on their smart board screen.  How Cool, I think he is way over 100,000 viewers.   So, to end this on a positive note – have a look at the Winnipeg Drummer Boy, and pray for Karen!!