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Just days after the September 16/17th University of Manitoba B Comm 25th Reunion weekend, we learned that our friend and Classmate Karen Paskoe was diagnosed (again), with Breast Cancer.She is one of the strongest people I know.  Here are here words on the Cancer:

I know that I am going to kick the cancer. It is the barbaric recovery that scares the hell out of me

Her surgery is scheduled for November 24th at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg.  Here is what she is going to go through:

The Cancer is invasive but appears to be caused by hormone replacement and is therefore slow moving.  To be safe it will be a double mastectomy.  This was Karen’s choice so she will not have to go through this again. Due to previous radiation, chemo and other operations, they will have to take the skin and fat from the upper butt area to reconstruct the breasts.  This is much harder to do, but the surgeon says that aesthetically it will look much better once it is all done.  As a result she will get a butt lift and have some more shape given to her waist.  Because of the heart problems and damage to the heart area from past radiation treatments, they will have to redirect blood supply from the butt area to the new breasts.  This will leave vital arteries available if she needs a bypass in the future.

 The Doctor has performed this type of surgery in the States before, but it will be the first in Canada.  Apparently, this is the only place in Canada where it could take place.  People come from all over Canada to have work done by this plastic surgeon.  He will also have to turn off her pacemaker and they are consulting the cardiologists about the implications.  She should be on the operating table for 8 to 10 hours and will have to remain in the hospital for a week and have a 6 week recovery at home.  Because she will not be allowed to use stairs, I will have to move a bed into the living room for her to sleep.

 I don’t know about further cancer treatment as they will be waiting for the results after they examine the growth when it is removed with the mastectomy.  During the operation, they will be checking the lymph nodes to see which ones were draining the cancer area and have them removed so it doesn’t spread into other areas of the body.

So, that is all I know for now.  I will be flying in to Winnipeg on Dec 1 though the 5th to see if I can help and will share updates later.

Karen’s request was

People all over the world, shoot positive energies to me.

Please aim and fire!!