Bye Bye Summer – It’s Back to School Time – “Bah Humbug”

Well it’s been a while since my last post….I’m pretty sure because I always go into a mini depression at the end of August!

I love summer! As a mother of 4 busy kids, this is the time when we hang – when we don’t have to Rush from one activity to another.

For the past 15 years I have had the priviledge of being home with my children – and I have the even bigger priviledge to be able to spend the summers up North at our cottage in Muskoka..

So….you can’t blame me for not embracing Back to School. Somehow – to me…it seems more complicated than when I was a kid..

To me September always brings:

Rush, Rush, Rush….

Getting ready for school in the morning, after school activities, family commitments….

All 4 of my kids go to different schools – so juggling the drop off and pick-up, along with car pool, and extra-curriculars etc requirings a degree in logistics!!

When I grew up – we walked to school…I never made a school team…and we couldn’t afford a lot of activities -so I played tag with the neighbourhood kids. Our front street wasn’t too busy so we could have baseball and hockey games throughout the year.

Stress, Stress – the kids want to do well in school, fit in with friends, be part of some team..and…then maybe even do something with the family…Yipes…why do we do it all. I don’t recall the amount of homework back in my youth…there was the pressure of fitting in…guess that’s a constant..

Packing Lunches..what will they eat, what is healthy, oh – the litterless, nut free lunch. I always had a peanut butter sandwich in a plastic bag!!

Hockey…I think that deserves a whole sub-category – and I will contain myself at this point…but – we had to come back to the City last week so my son could do a Mandatory Hockey Camp (my kids on swim teams had a camp – but it wasn’t mandatory)…and I have many emails about tournaments in Sept and Oct which I haven’t opened yet…

I just reviewed this…and have to say I sound like Scrooge about Christmas…I’m really not that cranky – and shudder to think that September is the “Bah Humbug” season for me…but….I’m kinda feeling that way at the moment..

It’s Saturday of the last long weekend of the Summer…I’m gonna relax and enjoy…

Thanks for reading – I appreciate you comments! – Perry

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