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Week 1 Recap
Well the plan for week 1 was to run 4 – 5 times/week. Intervals 1 day, a long run and 2 other runs.

I never worry about which day, I’m supposed to do things on…as long as it gets done!!

What Actually Happened

At the beginning of the week, I signed up for the Andy Potts Memorial 100km Charity Bike Ride around Lake Muskoka on Sunday Aug 21. Here’s a little musical interlude to give you some inspiration if you’ve ever been on a long bike ride:

So, that kinda clouded my training….I have ridden during the summer, but not consistent, and my longest ride has been about 60 km. So, I was a bit nervous about the 100km distance. With that in mind, I wanted to make sure I got a ride in mid-week, and had enough energy for Sunday.

So – What I did was

  • Monday – 30 minutes of core (class at Port Carling Fitness and Community Centre)
  • Tuesday – 75 minute run, including 8 intervals (5 minutes on, 1 minute walk)
  • Wednesday – 60 minute run – not hills per say, but I definately ran a hilly route – counted at least 10 hills around Port Carling
  • Thursday – 30 km bike ride
  • Friday – I think I took it off…really, I can’t remember
  • Saturday – So…this was supposed to be the long run (at least 2 hrs, about 20 km)…but, it rained, poured, and I was running with my husband…half way through the run, we decided to take cover, and grab a coffee…called reinforcements in to pick us up. Kinda cut the run short.
  • Saturday – 100km bike – did the Andy Potts 100km Charity Bike Ride – it was great!!  Lotsa Fun, and I survived!!

Results for Week 1….I am giving myself a 70%…If I had done the long run on Saturday, I would have pushed it to the 80 – 90%s…but, I fell short.

I’m still ok, as I know I can recover from not doing the 2 hr run this week…but, gotta get my act back together for week 2.

So, what’s in store for week 2

  •   1 session of intervals. The plan is calling for 10 repeats of 400m. But, I plan to stick to my 5 minutes fast, 1 minute rest. That’s all I can handle
  • The long run is I think 23 km…so, I should be able to get to that.
  • And, 2 other runs, about 11 – 13 km throughout the week. One of those, I will make a hilly run for me.
  • I will also try to get in 1 or 2 bikes and today I did 30 minutes of core exercise.

Now…I am not doing too good on the healthy eating front…I made choc chip cookies last nite and have had 5 today…oops…maybe that’s why I never lose weight.

That’s the update for the week!! Hope you enjoyed the video…I will write a blog about that another day…I just ran out of time, and wanted to post something.