90% of what goes on in life, is the little things….and that tends to be what matters most…It doesn’t take much to do an act of kindess….but, the benefits go beyond that act…

  • Yesterday I was shopping at the Canadian Tire in Gravenhurst. I had my 2 boys (age 10 and 12), and we were buying some new hockey equipment for the Powerstrides Hockey Camp they were doing.
  •  As we were leaving there were 3 people standing outside in front of us, who clearly didn’t look like the typical cottagers.
  • They were laden down with many bags carrying what looked like cleaning products (liquid detergents, cleansers, etc). One had a rusty bike and a back pack. They were talking about how they were going to get back to the apartment with their load.
  • I introduced myself to them, offered them a ride, and explained to my boys that while usually you don’t speak to strangers, and offer them a ride home, I felt these people were very trustworthy , and it would be a nice gesture for us.
  • Only the one with the bike was going home, the other 2 had more shopping.  She gratefully accepted the ride. We took 5 heavy bags, and put her bike on my bike rack drove the lady home (about 3 km, on a hot, humid day).
  • The group is new to Canada, they are from Barbados, and work as the Cleaning Staff for the Marriot Hotel in Gravenhurst and Red Leaves in Minett. They are sending these cleaning supplies back to their families in Barbadoes.

It was a great lesson for my children to realize how easy it is to help others, and how  fortunate they are to be able to have a cottage, go to hockey camp, buy nice hockey equipment. The don’t have to work as cleaning staff in a foreign country to sent cleaning supplies home.  They were very interested in how an adult could work for minimum wage, support a family and send supplies back home.  My son Garet said – “yeah, and look at her bike – we have lots of bikes in the garage, we should give them some.”  Of course, I didn’t – as I was too lazy, nor do I feel guilty, but, I do feel good about doing one good deed, and believe my children do as well.

Just look around – I am sure you will find a little thing you can do to help/be kind to others…Or maybe you have done something already…please let me know – I would love to hear your story…