I was a Sunnybrook Park doing a mid-day Hill workout on my bike…having finished going up my final hill on the Stables side, crossed over to go up the final hill just behind the hospital.

Being the lazy rider that I am, was trying to keep a bit of speed up, to make my climb up the hill not so tough.

Mistake…the roads on the path over the bridge were full of potholes (not looking so big, because it was covered in water)..and I had a major wipe not.  No big deal, I got up, dusted myself off – bleeding on the left arm, squeezed the pebbles of my skin, and thought I would go on my way…I was a bit light headed and decided to wait a bit until I got back on the bike.

I got on the bike, and fell.  My chain was off so I put it on.

I got on the bike again, and fell – as I couldn’t change gears – locked on the big chain ring to go up the  hill.  Oh well.

I made it up the hill, played with the gears, things locked and  fell again.

Crossed Bayview, one more fall, then, couldn’t turn the wheel.  The derailer was all messed up and tied up in the spokes – crazy.

Picked up my bike, and walked along Bayview to the hospital to grab a cab.

A women (aka guardian angel Ironwoman- Nerina) in a SUV drove by, and said “do you need help”..I said…well, yes, but I was planning to grab a cab.  She said, just wait, I’ll turn around and get you.  As she drove off, I saw a bike rack on the back of her vehicle, and new I had found an angel.

She says that she saw my Cervelo Bike, and knew I was a good person.  She noticed my bike before me!!  Then, she said she was heading down to Enduroport to pick up her bike, and wanted to know if I needed a lift home, or to Endurosport, and then home!!!  I said, well, It’s gotta go in there anyways, I may as well tag along, if you don’t mind.

Nerina, my guardian angel was thrilled to help out a fellow biker in need. Turns out, she is a triathlete – an ironman to boot, and is training for Penticton.  Nerina claims she does them slow, and is just happy to finish.  We had so much in common, it was great.  I feel like I made a new friend.  We exchanged #’s, and I am sure will keep in touch.

How fun and Thanks Nerina!!!