Perry Running

Go Girl

Hope everyone had a great run today (or during the week). Thanks to wordpress for initiating the activity! I did the Angus Glen 10 mile race in Markham Ontario Today. It is a very hilly course, on the Angus Glen Golf Course – a beautiful venue – complete with changerooms, showers and a catered BBQ lunch. We get great swag (jackets, product, etc). It was supposed to be 10 miles (16 km), but it rained most of the race, and lightening started. At the 10 km mark, I was feeling the hills, wondering how much the last 6 km would hurt my legs when….a golf cart drove by and called all the runner in because of lightening!! Crazy!! But, it was all good. I am no starting my training season…and think I will start to blog about it. The biggest thing I can do to improve my speed – is to lose 10 pounds (seriously)…so, tomorrow, I am starting the Cabbage soup diet for 1 week, to kick start the training, healthy-eating program!!!